Welcome to the first alpha release of the OWASP Large Language Model Security Verification Standard (LLMSVS), which provides a framework for evaluating the security of applications and systems that integrate Large Language Models (LLMs).

The LLMSVS aims to offer clear and practical guidelines that apply universally and assist developers, architects, security professionals, vendors, and researchers in securing LLM-powered systems.

The LLMSVS is the result of a collaborative effort drawing on the expertise of professionals across various sectors. It addresses the unique security challenges presented by LLMs, focusing on functional and non-functional security aspects. This alpha release lays the foundation for an adapting set of guidelines shaped by ongoing feedback and the changing dynamics of LLMs, emerging Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies, and advances in cybersecurity.

This release creates a starting point for discussing and improving the verification standard. This standard is not final and will evolve based on contributions from the community and advancements in the field. We recognize that there is no one-size-fits-all security solution, especially in a field as emergent as AI, and we anticipate the need for regular updates and refinements.

This alpha release invites the broader community to participate in developing and enhancing the LLMSVS. We value the diverse perspectives and expertise each participant brings to this project. Your feedback and contributions are crucial to ensuring the standard remains relevant and practical.

We’d like to thank the contributors for their valuable input and look forward to your continued support and involvement in developing the LLMSVS.

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